THE TRAIN RIDE: Awesome Train Journey With My Friend

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(The Storm)

Billy watched the train coast into the station. Glancing down at his
watch, he saw that it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. He
had been waiting for the train almost an hour.

The smell of diesel and hot metal washed over him as the train slowly
inched down the track. Looking down the line of dirty silver cars, he
saw a very buxom lady frantically waving in his direction. His eyes
locked on her breasts as they jiggled and threatened to spill out of
her dress at any moment. As the train drew closer, he was finally
able to tear his eyes away from lady’s breasts and he realized that it
was his mother. Embarrassed that he had been ogling his mother’s
breasts, he grinned foolishly and waved back at her. 

Watching her lean farther and farther out the window, he picked up
his suitcase and trotted down the platform toward her. He hoped she
wouldn’t fall out on her head before he got to her. 

“Hi, Mom,” he puffed, arriving under her window. 
Setting his bag down, he reached up and tried to push her back into
the train. 

“Oh, My Little Baby, I’m so happy to see you,” she bubbled,
his hands away and leaning down to give him a wet, slobbery kiss.

“I’m happy to see you too,” he grinned up at her, “but, you’d
watch out or you’ll fall out of the train.”

She was now leaning out the window so far her dress had fallen open
revealing a great deal of her big, soft white breasts. He tried not
to look at them, but the temptation was too great. As his eyes dipped
down to the swollen mountains of soft pink flesh, he felt himself
blush. Despite his embarrassment, he couldn’t help noticing how
beautiful and full they were as he peered down her dress.

“You’d better stop leaning out so far or you’ll fall,” he
himself, trying to push her back up and remove the temptation. 

“I was just so excited to see you,” she laughed, slowly
letting him
push her back. 

“Hurry up, Baby and get on board. I can’t wait to give you a
big hug,” she gushed. 

Picking up his bag, he hurried over to the door and started to open
it. As he did, the door suddenly opened and he was greeted by the

“Right this way, Sir,” the conductor said, taking his bag and
Billy down the hallway. 

Then Billy smiled as he saw his mother standing in the doorway
waiting for him.

“Oh, My Honey,” she blurted out, grabbing him and giving him a
hug, “finally.”

The smell of his mother’s intoxicating perfume and the lingering
fragrance of alcohol on her breath greeted him as he took her into his
arms. Hugging her back, he felt her big, soft breasts flatten out
against his chest. His mother hadn’t changed a bit, he thought. She
was still a very affectionate woman.

“Put his bag in the next compartment, please,” he heard her
tell the
conductor as she finally stepped back away from him.

“Come on inside,” she told him, taking his hand and pulling
inside, “I have so much to tell you.”

Sitting down on the settee, he watched her reach into her purse and
bring some money. Smiling at Billy, she waited as the conductor put
the bag into the adjoining cabin and closed the door behind him. 

“Uh, Mr. Conductor, could you bring us a bottle of Canadian
Club, a
six pack of coke and another glass?” she smiled handing him two twenty
dollar bills.

The conductor smiled back at her lecherously as he took the money.

“It’s not what you think,” she told him as she started to
close the
door, “he’s my son.”

“Uh, Yes, Ma’am,” the conductor grinned back at her, winking.

“Really, he is,” she said, her smile disappearing.

“Yes’m” he returned, his leer now gone. 
As his mother talked to the conductor, Billy looked around the cabin
and saw another empty bottle of CC sitting on the end table.
Although, his mother didn’t appear drunk, it was apparent she had had
a few drinks before he had arrived. 

Closing the door, she turned and looked at him. She didn’t speak for
the longest time as she stood looking down at him affectionately.
Billy felt himself blush as his mother adoringly stared at him.
Finally, she sat down beside him. 

“God, it is good to see you,” she sighed, taking hold of his
hand and
giving it a hard squeeze. “You’re all I’ve got now.”

She began to talk. It was as if the floodgates had opened and the
words poured out. Even though they had talked several times since the
divorce, she repeated her side of the story. She seemed to be trying
to convince him of her innocence in the divorce. 

Billy knew that his father had left her for a younger woman. Billy
had thought his mother was handling it quite well, but now face to
face with her, he could see the damage it had done to her psyche. He
could see wrinkles around her eyes that hadn’t been there six months
earlier. She looked tired and drawn. Still, the old spark of
defiance was in her eyes, but he could see a hollow emptiness behind
that spark. 

All at once, she started to cry. 

Just as she did, there was a knock at the door. Waiting for a moment,
he watched her reach into her purse and pull out a soft, lacy
handkerchief. She stopped sniffing and dabbed at her tears as he went
to the door. 

It was the conductor with her order. Taking it from the conductor, he
told him to keep the change and closed the door. Setting the liquor
in front of his mother, he watched as she opened the bottle and
shakily filled their glasses with booze, coke and ice. 
She handed him his drink and leaned back. He watched her as she
thirstily took a long pull on her drink. She set her glass down and
took a deep breath. Once again, she began to unload her burden of
depression, guilt, blame onto him. 

She repeated the story of how Billy’s father had left her without any
notice. He had just left one day without so much as a how-do-you-do.
He had run off with his secretary and they were now living somewhere
in the Bahamas.

Billy knew this much. He had talked with his father after the
divorce. His father had said it was all his fault and that Billy
shouldn’t blame his mother for anything that had happened. He had
offered no excuses or alibis for what he had done. He had just stated
that he found Gloria, his secretary to be more compatible with his
current lifestyle. He was independently wealthy, he saw no reason why
he shouldn’t benefit from his wealth enjoy life the way he wanted to
enjoy it. Unfortunately, Billy’s mother, Maureen wasn’t part of that
deal. He did tell Billy that he had left Maureen very well off

Billy sat sipping his drink, listening to his mother unload her
troubles onto him. 

Then all at once, she stopped talking. Setting her drink down, she
reached out and pulled him to her.

“I don’t think I can ever trust any other man, but you,” she

Before he could answer, the train jerked to life and started to move.
As it did, it lurched and his mother fell against him. Instinctively
reaching out to brace herself, she accidentally plunged her hand
down into his crotch where it landed squarely on top of his semi-erect

Momentarily pinned against him by the train’s momentum, she didn’t
move her hand for several seconds. At last, as the train slowed
again, she moved away from him.

“I’m sorry,” she gushed, a red tinge spreading over her face.
didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, you didn’t hurt me,” he told her, taking another drink
trying to
hide his own embarrassment. 

Neither of them spoke for several moments as they listened to the
sound of the train picking up speed. Soon the train was speeding
along as they adapted to its slight swaying vibration. 
His mother reached out and took his hand as she began to talk again.
Holding onto his hand for dear life, she acted like he would leave her
too, if she didn’t hold onto him. Billy agonized for her. She had
been deeply hurt. Now it seemed as if he was her only salvation. He
wanted her to get it all off her chest so he let her go on and on.
As he sat listening and sipping his drink, his mother would talk a
while and then cry for a while. Comforting her the best he could, he
could only give her a reassuring hug every once in a while.
Then abruptly, she stopped crying. Turning away from him, she blankly
stared out the train window at the landscape speeding by outside. She
seemed to be deep in thought.

Sitting back, sipping on his drink, Billy absent-mindedly checked her
for any other signs of mental or physical deterioration. There were
no other visible signs of the obvious strain she was under, but Billy
could sense the tenseness in her carriage.

He could only wonder what had possessed his father to leave her. She
was still a stunningly beautiful woman even at forty-seven. As she
continued to stare out the window, he unconsciously appraised her.
Her long, silky, red hair fell down over her shoulders, framing her
face. It was a face that could grace any fashion magazine, even as
tired and haggard as she appeared to him. He felt a slight twinge of
shame as he admired her big, heavy breasts swelling out proudly above
her flat, trim belly. Quickly running his eyes down her statuesque,
graceful legs, tucked up under her firm, rounded buttocks, he conceded
that she was beautiful. Then again, he was biased. Still, she was an
exceptional beauty and Billy came to the conclusion that his father
must be stupid to leave her. 

He knew that she would have no trouble finding another man, if she
ever decided to start looking again. But right at the moment, she
didn’t seem emotionally capable of handling another relationship. 
She must have told him ten times that she could never trust any other
man now. She could only trust him. 

It was sad that his parents had divorced after twenty years of
marriage. It seemed to have devastated his mother and left a big,
ghastly scar on her ego. That scar might not ever heal, Billy
thought sadly. 

Finally, turning from the window, she smiled at him and poured
another drink. 

“More?” she asked him, holding the bottle out with shaking

“Sure, but just a little though,” he told her holding out his
Her hand trembled slightly and the bottle tinkled against his glass as
she refilled it. Setting the bottle down, she scooted over next to
him again. Snuggling up against him, she began to cry softly again.

“Oh, I am so very, very glad you’re here,” she wept softly, “I
been so lonely and unhappy. But now, I feel safe and happy and, and
all warm inside.”

“You know you can come to me anytime, Mom,” he told her,
pulling her up against him and giving her kiss on the top of her head.
“For anything.”

“Oh, Thank you, you don’t know how much it means to have
someone you
can turn to for comfort, or………….Anything,” she sniffed, the
flow of tears finally slowing, “Thank you so much. Thank you for just
being you.”

Neither of them spoke for several moments as they sat holding each
other. Then she looked up at him with the most serious look on her

“Billy, Do, uh, could, uh,” she started to say.
Just then there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” he said, getting up.
Opening the door, he found the conductor standing there.

“The dining car is now open,” he said.

“Thanks,” Billy told him, closing the door.

“What were you going to say, Mother,” he asked her as he sat
back down
beside her.

“Oh, nothing,” she smiled weakly, “nothing that can’t wait.”

“Good, because I’m hungry,” he told her. 

“Me, too,” she agreed. “Let’s go eat.”

Giving his mother one last hug, Billy went to his cabin to tidy up.
When he returned to his mother’s room, her mood had improved

Giving her a peck on the cheek, Billy took her hand and they set off
for the dining car. Billy was glad to see her laughing and smiling as
they bumped and brushed against each other in the tight confines of
the small hallway. Both of them were just a little tipsy making it
difficult to walk as the train swayed along. Laughing and tittering
like two drunken teenagers, they finally made it to the dining car.
Hoping that she was over her crying jag, he smiled and opened the door
for her. 

They were immediately seated by their waiter.

Sitting at the table, his mother took hold held onto his hand tightly.
She seemed afraid to let him go, even as they had a couple more drinks
waiting for their meal. Billy was beginning to feel a little self
conscious as his mother fawned over him, but he didn’t stop her. 

“I don’t know if I can ever let you go,” she said softly,
giving his
hand another squeeze as she took another sip of her drink. “You are my
only man now.”

Growing more self-conscious by the minute, he was relieved when their
food finally arrived and she had to let go of his hand. 
They made small talk as they ate and before they knew the meal was

After dinner, she signed the tab and took his hand again. Leading
him out of the dining car, she tugged him down to the lounge car.
Finding an empty table, they sat down and ordered still another drink.
They talked for a while, but about half way through his drink, Billy
felt his eyelids growing heavier and heavier. Gulping the rest of his
drink down, he set his glass down.

“Mom, I’ve had a long day,” he yawned. “I think I’m going back
and hit
the sack.”

“Oh, so soon,” she whined. 

“I’m afraid so,” he grinned sleepily, “I can barely keep my

“Oh, well, okay, go ahead,” she told him, pouting sadly, “I’m
going to
stay her for a while and have a nightcap. I’ll be down later.”

“Okay, but be careful,” he told her, “you’ve had a lot to

“I know,” she smiled warmly, leaning over and giving him a
gentle kiss on the cheek, “I know what I’m doing. You go ahead and
go to bed and I’ll be down to tuck you in later.”

“I doubt that I will be awake for that long,” he laughed,
standing up
beside her.

Smiling subtlety, she reached over and gave his thigh an intimate

“That’s okay, it won’t make any difference,” she said, looking
up at
him with a funny little smile on her lips. 

Stopping at the door, he turned and looked back at her. He saw her
wave at him. He stopped and waved back at her as she blew him a kiss.
He wondered what she had meant, when she said it wouldn’t make any
difference, but was too groggy to worry about it. 

As he walked down the corridor, he realized that he was quite tipsy.
Suddenly all of the day’s events seemed to settle down onto his
shoulders all at once. It seemed to take him hours to reach his
cabin, but at last he stumbled into it. He wearily undressed and
crawled into his bunk. He knew that he should put his pajama’s on,
but he was just too tired to care. 

Within moments, he was asleep.

ENDING ONE (The Conquest)

He didn’t know what time it was when he heard someone fumbling with
the lock on his door. Trying to see what time it was, he was suddenly
blinded by a brief flash of light as the door opened. Blinking
drunkenly, he saw the silhouette of his mother standing in the door
swaying with the rhythm of the train. 

He pretended to be asleep, but watched her lurch into the
small cabin.
The faint night light bathed the room in a soft fuzzy glow as he
watched her reel over to the couch and flop down on it. She peered
over at him. She looked befuddled as she peered at him. He kept his
eyes squinted, but he could still vaguely make her out in the dim

She didn’t move for several moments. She just sat there
looking at
him. Then the train sped by a brightly lit station and the cabin was
briefly awash with light. This seemed to stir her from her reverie as
she turned and looked out the window. She sat looking out the window
at the at the lights that flashed by outside the speeding train. She
didn’t move for several moments. Then she slowly started unbuttoning
her blouse. Her fingers crept down her blouse releasing button after
button, until at last it was open. 

What was she doing, Billy wondered? Didn’t she know she was in the
wrong cabin? 

The darkness made it hard to see. Still, in the faint glow of the
night-light, he saw her suddenly twitch her shoulders and her blouse
slipped off her shoulders. Her lace covered bosom was now exposed.
The same mountainous pillows of flesh he had sneaked a peek at earlier
that day were now once again partially revealed to him. Staring down
at her imposing breasts, hidden only by the frilly softness of her
brassiere, he felt his cock lurch with perverse excitement. He hated
himself for watching her undress, but he couldn’t stop himself. He
knew he should say something to warn her of her mistake, but he
couldn’t bring himself to speak. 

Then his heart threatened to stop as he watched her reach behind her
back. After a few moments, his mouth suddenly went dry as the soft,
fragile tangle of lace and embroidery slipped down her arms baring her
great, white breasts. Even in the soft dimness of the cabin, he could
see them quiver and jiggle provocatively as she drunkenly rose to her
feet. Staring at the beautiful, drooping mountains of flesh capped
with even darker swollen cups, he felt a perverted desire to suck on
them as he had done as a child. He couldn’t believe that this was
actually happening. 

As he secretly watched on, he couldn’t believe his eyes as his mother
hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her skirt. Then one quick
jerk, she thrust her skirt and panties down her long, curvaceous legs.
Releasing them, she staggered out of the pile of clothes and stood
before her son as naked as the day she had been born. 

He nearly had a heart attack as he openly gawked her. Scarcely able
to breathe, he dropped his eyes downward. The cabin was too dark to
make out much, but he was still able to make out the dark, mystic
triangle of darkness covering the base of her stomach. 

The simple act of seeing his mother naked was almost too much for him.
He felt his cock jerk and threaten to explode at any moment.

Straining to control this urge, he hated himself for what he was doing
and thinking. Still, he couldn’t stop staring at her nakedness. 
His mouth was dry and his heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour
as he waited to see what she would do next. 

Why was he so sinfully excited by seeing his mother nude? He had
never had any sexual thoughts about his mother before, but now he was
definitely aroused by her nakedness. 

He had a strange feeling about her. He couldn’t explain it. Maybe
because his father was gone, he was now “the man” of the family. He
couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was a definite difference in
the way they had acted toward each other all afternoon and night. It
was on a much more adult level, almost like equals. With this, there
was an air of eroticism about their interaction. Something dark and
foreboding was taking place in his heart. He was afraid of what might
happen, but did nothing to stop it. 

Lying there watching her, he suddenly realized that his hand
wrapped around his rock hard cock. He now regretted his earlier
decision to sleep in the nude. 

His mother stood in the center of the car for the longest time,
quietly swaying with the rhythm of the rocking train. Finally, she
stumbled over to the small couch and sat down. Then he heard her
quietly sobbing.

Filled with compassion for her, he hated to see her hurting. But what
could he do? They were both naked and he didn’t know what would
happen if he did go to her. Torn with indecision, he didn’t know what
to do. Should he ignore her? Or Should he try and comfort her? 
Waiting, he hoped that she would stop crying. 
After several minutes, he realized her crying was growing louder and
it didn’t look like she was going to stop. 
Finally, taking a deep breath, he decided it was time to act.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he finally asked her.

“Oh, Billy,” she sniffed, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I just feel so all alone, and, and unwanted,” she
blubbered out.

“Oh, Mother,” he said, slowly rolling out of bed, “I’m so
Taking a deep breath, he shuffled over to where she sat and dropped
down beside her. Taking her into his arms, he pulled her up to him

She seemed oblivious of their nudity as she quickly wrapped her arms
around him. 

“Oh, My, Baby,” she sobbed, with tears rolling down her

Billy buried his face in the soft, lushness of her hair as he
held her
tightly pressed against him. He was intoxicated by the exotic
fragrance of her sweet perfume and the soft heat of her body. The
fragrance dredged up old memories of his childhood when his mother
would hold him to comfort him. Breathing deeply, he inhaled her scent
and felt himself reliving a time long, long ago. He could remember
how good it felt to bury his face in his mother’s big, soft breasts
when he needed solace from the world’s woes. Now, he became acutely
aware of his mother’s hot, hard nipples pressing against his chest.
He was acutely aware of his sick arousal as his cock pounded painfully
close to an eruption.

“Oh, Mother, I Love you,” he moaned, hoping she wouldn’t
notice his
obvious arousal.

“I Love you, too,” she wept, hugging him even tighter.

“You’ll never be alone,” he groaned, “because, I’ll always be
here for

“Oh, My, Baby, I Love you so very, very much,” she cried out,
and kissing his cheek.

Feeling her hot, wet lips on his cheek, he turned his head and
suddenly their lips touched. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion
consumed him. His eyes closed, he crushed his mouth down onto hers as
his tongue snaked into her mouth.

For a split second, she recoiled back away from him as time
seemed to
stop. Then, with a whimper, she crushed her mouth against his as her
tongue fought its way into his mouth.
Their arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling them
together as they kissed long and deeply. Crushed against each other,
they sought to become one as their mouths slavered against each other.
Billy felt her hot, digging tongue digging and probing his mouth
hungrily as her long, sharp fingernails dug into his back. 
Finally, they had to break for breath.

“OH, GOD,” he gasped as their lips broke and their bodies

Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through his brain as he felt his
mother’s hand find his hot, jutting maleness. 

“OMMmmmmmmm,” she groaned as he quickly covered her hot,
sucking mouth
with his lips again. 

His heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it would burst out of his
chest any second. Still they kissed, deeply and voraciously. Whining
with desire, he fought against cumming as his great, jutting spear of
love stuck up out of his crotch ripe and ready for love. Yet another
detonation of perversity went off inside of him as he felt his
mother’s hot, soft hand squeeze the granite hardness of his
near-bursting mancock. His excitement was so great, he felt like his
cock was ten feet long and as big around as a telephone pole. He had
never known such wicked delight in his whole life. 
Then they had to break for air again.

“OH, MY GOD,” he heard his mother groan as her hand explored
thick, swollen hardness of his penis.

“It’s huge,” she whispered, running her hand up and down the
length of
his manhood.

Billy had always been proud of the size of his cock, but now his heart
nearly burst with sick vanity. He had always known that he was large,
but hadn’t realized how large his eleven and half inch warrior was
until he had started dating. Now his mother was touching the very
monster she had had a part in creating. 

Clutching him in her hot, clutching hand, she seemed to be measuring
its enormity.

Suddenly, he felt her hand leave his bloated potency. Wondering if
she had regained her sanity, he watched as she scooted back away from
him. Sadly, he knew that she had come to her senses and was trying to
distance herself from him. His heart was torn in two with desire for
her and anger at his stupidity. Then he saw that she was lying down
on her back. Then with disbelief and renewed excitement, he saw her
seductively began to spread her legs apart.

This couldn’t be happening, he thought as her long, beautifully shaped
legs spread open wider and wider. Another shot of adrenaline poured
through his body as his cock lurched and throbbed with heinous
excitement. Instead of rejecting him, his mother was opening the gate
of her soul to him. Wider and wider, her soft, firm thighs opened.
It was too dark to see “The Place,” but he knew that it was there.
The wellspring of his very being. The fiery pit where he had been
born by the invasion of his father’s own love weapon. The wondrous,
inflamed place of his creation. It was there. But, now it was open
and waiting for him, not his father. It was his to have just as it
had been for his father on that night so long ago. Every nerve in his
body was tingling with a depraved need for release, that could only be
satisfied in one way. 

At last his mother lay before him open completely and at his mercy.
Then she reached up for him. Shuddering, he jumped to his feet and
crawled onto the couch. 

His knees moved up between his mother’s outstretched legs as he
hovered above her. Then he stopped. It was as if some deep primitive
stirring was preventing him from possessing her. He seemed restrained
by some ingrained instinct. 

He stood on his hands and knees above her, paralyzed and unable to
move. Throwing his head back with anger and frustration, he saw the
lights speed by outside. They flashed by like the eyes of demoniac
creatures looking in on the disgusting picture of a son preparing to
have mount his mother. To have sex with his mother. To fuck his own
mother. Then suddenly, the car was filled with an unholy brilliance
as a flash of lightning lit up the night sky. In that brief explosion
of light, he saw his mother sprawled out before him in all her wicked
nakedness. His eyes were instantly drawn down to the waiting gash
between her widespread legs, but the light flashed out before he could
focus on it. 

Then another flash of lightning. This time he saw her gaping
womanhood glistening wetly as she bared herself for him. In the
moment it took for the lightning to consume itself, the image of his
huge, evil serpent poised above his mother’s dripping, waiting wetness
was indelibly imprinted into his memory. He would never be able to
forget the sight. 

He seemed be lost in some perverse, wicked fairy tale. None of it
seemed real. Even his gigantic headed monster that was prepared to
strike and inject its malignant venom deep inside her waiting wound
seemed unreal. His mind was trying to trick into thinking the whole
scene was a sham. 

Suddenly, a hammering clamor of noise filled the car as the train
rushed headlong into a raging torrent of rain. The noise was so loud,
he couldn’t think, but it also jarred him out of his stupor. The
primitive barrier that had held him back from her was shattered, gone,
driven away by the deafening hammering inside his head. Now nothing
could prevent the inevitable. Nothing could stop him from possessing
her. He would have her as a lover, as a man, as her new soul mate.
Now nothing could stop the consummation of their incestuous marriage.

The gods vented their wrath as a great clap of thunder shook their car
and he slowly lowered his malignant weapon down toward her drooling
motherhood. Nothing could stop him from possessing her now.
His mother appeared to embrace her unavoidable fate. She seemed to
sense his raging need. She must have known that nothing she could do
now would prevent his hellish return to his birthplace. 
He knew she had given herself to him totally as he felt her hand grasp
his throbbing hardness and roughly guide it down to the waiting core
of her womanhood.

Then he felt the painfully sensitive head of his cock touch the soft,
hot softness of his mother’s love wound. 

“Oh, Fucking God,” he wheezed.

Using every ounce of willpower he had, he tried to keep from slamming
his cock into her. Delighting in wicked sensation of his mother’s
cunt slowly enveloping his cock, he threw back his head and screamed
out in conquest. Like some conquering lion, he roared out his triumph
as he continued slide his potent manhood deeper and deeper into the
hot, clutching depths of his mother’s cunt. 

She accepted his domination eagerly. Hungrily clutching and squeezing
his cock with her cunt, she sucked him deeper and deeper into churning
heat of her ruinous chasm. 

The wedding of their sexes sparked and fumed with malignant delight as
each of them was drawn deeper and deeper into the hell-fire of
incestuous love. 

His love for her was pouring into her through his huge, invading cock
as it slithered farther and farther into her wet, drooling pit. Like
falling in a dream, he felt he would never fill the wet, sucking hole
between his mother’s legs as it devoured his overgrown penis inch by
inch. He felt like he was pushing his giant prod into frothing,
burning cauldron of fire as it inched deeper into her. At
last though, he felt the great bulbous head of his cock thrust up
against his mother’s cervix. Even though it felt like he had six feet
of cock buried inside of her, he knew that he still had almost four
inches of his hot, thick cock left outside of her. 

Holding himself thrust down inside of her, he felt her hand on his

“Oh, My, God, there’s still more,” she groaned out as her hand
measured how much of him remained outside the channel of her cunt.
Then as he bent down to kiss her, he felt her lift her legs and wrap
them around his waist. Holding himself poised above her, he felt her
gently dig her heels into his ass, goading him on. Pushing him down
into her. Grunting, he tightened the muscles in his ass and pushed
down into her. His cock, stiff and unyielding didn’t move for a
couple of seconds. Then with a rush, the rest of his cock slithered
inside of her until his entire penis was buried inside his mother’s
cunt and his hairy belly ground up against her belly.

“God, Baby, you’re so big,” she mumbled out as he lifted his
lips from

“I don’t want to hurt you mother,” he groaned as he held
thrust down inside her hot, sucking, clutching hole.

“You aren’t, Baby,” she whispered, pressing her belly up
against him
and wriggling her hips suggestively.

“God, it feels like heaven,” he gushed as he felt her milking
his cock
with her cunt.

“Fuck Mommy,” she blubbered out as she gave his cock a hard
“fuck Mommy with your great big dick.”

Billy slipped over the edge. He lost it. He had never felt such
power and dominion over anyone in his whole life. Something inside
his mind snapped and he became his own father fucking his own mother.
Fucking his mother with his father’s cock. Fucking his mother and
recreating himself inside of her. He was insane with desire.

With a cry of conquest, he jerked his cock back and then drove it back
inside her like a mad man. The storm that raged outside hid the
bestial sounds that came spewing from him as he viciously began to
hammer his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, Yes, Oh, Yes, Oh, God, Yes, Baby, Yes,” his mother cried
out as
she threw herself up against his every pounding thrust, “fuck, Mommy,
Fuck, Mommy.”

Billy had become a raging lunatic, crazed by desire and compulsion to
please his mother. Never had he felt such a need to satisfy her,
fulfill her wants, and drive out the demon his father had loosed in
her. He wanted to make her whole again, but he full knew that what
they were doing could completely destroy her, too. Still he couldn’t
stop it now that it had begun. He could only hope that it would make
her a woman again. It was the only weapon he had. Oh, the simplicity
of man when compared to the complexity of women, he thought as he
furiously reamed her tight, clutching gash.

“God, I, Love, You, Mother,” he growled out as he fucked her. 

“I Love You, Too,” she panted.

As he pounded his ripened manhood into her, he suddenly felt the
strong, firm muscles in her legs tighten around his waist.

“Oh, Yes, Oh, Fuck, Yes, Oh, God, I, Feel, It,
Comminngofuckogod,” she
wailed as her body began to shake and quiver.

“YourmakingMommycuuuuummmmmmmmmm,” she screamed out. 

The hot, clasping chasm of his mother’s cunt suddenly collapsed down
around his slithering cock. It seemed to be trying to draw his whole
body into her as it pulled and sucked on his gigantic cock. 

As his mother thrashed about under him, he felt the great pool of
boiling, churning semen in his balls finally burst forth out and
erupt. The burning spew of his thick, rich sperm-laden cum exploded
down his cock and shot out into his mother’s cunt like an erupting


He had never felt such boundless pleasure. As his cock jerked and
spewed out its potent seed-rich semen into her, wave after wave of
perverse, wicked delight washed over him. He was now a prisoner of
his emotions and no longer in control of his own body.

“Oh, My, God, Baby, so hot, so hot,” his mother whimpered as
her cunt
was filled to overflowing by his wildly spurting, exploding manhood.
The storm outside was definitely no match for the one that raged
inside their car is it sped through the night. 

He couldn’t stop. He just kept on thrusting himself down into the
hot, slurping depths of her cunt as his dick gushed more and more of
his hot, man-sap into her. Again and again, he fired his great cannon
down into the waiting abyss of her womanhood. A primitive urge had
come over him. He felt an overpowering urgency to reseed the garden
from which he had sprouted. To recreate himself in the same fiery
depths that had brought life to him. To plant his seed inside of her
and let it spring forth from her. To show her his love, no matter how
deviant, twisted it was. It was sick and so very wrong, but he wanted
to make another child inside her. To recreate himself. To make his
mother pregnant with his own seed. 

Like a severed artery, his giant cock kept spurting his thick, creamy
potency into her in an almost continuous stream. It seemed like the
flow of rich, clinging cum would never stop as it gushed out over and
over again. But, even as he drove himself into her, her clutching,
orgasming cunt took him totally.

Within moments, he had shot so much of cum into her, he could feel its
hot, thickness seeping out around his thick, pulsating cock. Her
burning, clenching cunt was filled to overflowing. The massive amount
of cum he had injected into her was just too much for the scalding
tightness of her vagina as it locked down around him. The thick,
milky sap oozed out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the
bed, but still his cock jerked and spurted out more and more.
Finally, when he was wondering if something inside of him had broken
and it would never stop, his great engine gave one last, feeble lurch
and stopped firing.

He had never felt such passion. Such need. It had forced him to
drain himself completely. It felt like his big, dangling balls had
been sucked dry by his mother’s fiery hole.

Lying atop his mother, exhausted and unable to move, he felt
completely fulfilled. Lord of the world. Her protector and liberator.
He had brought her from the depths of her alcohol tinged depression to
fulfillment. He had brought her satisfaction and gratification. He
could feel his chest swelling with pride and love even as the warm
afterglow of making love spread over his body.

“God, that was so wonderful,” his mother gurgled as she kissed

“I’ve never felt anything so good,” he told her, “this must be
the way
heaven must feel.”

“Yes, it must,” she chirped happily and hugged him to her even

Neither of them spoke for the longest time as they basked in the warm
afterglow of sex. They lay intertwined and listened to the rain
beating down on the car as the train clacked along for miles and

Then they felt the train slowing. Slower and slower it went as lights
outside grew brighter and brighter. Then with a loud hiss, it lurched
to a stop.

Still atop his mother, Billy slowly rose himself up and peeked out the
window. They had stopped at a depot. There were people walking about
not fifteen feet from where he and his mother lay still united as one.
Suddenly he was hard again and slowly began to slide his cock in and
out of his mother’s satiny sheath. Somehow the thought that the
people on the platform could see inside their cabin if they really
wanted to was wickedly arousing.

If they only knew, he laughed inside, what was taking place right
under their noses. A boy and his mother making love. Creating
incest. Fucking. And they didn’t even know it.

“What is so funny?” his mother smiled up at him as he slowly

“All those people out there,” he grinned down at her, “what
would they
say if they knew what we were doing?”

“They would be shocked,” she said, thrusting herself up at
him, taking
him inside of her deeply.

“If they only knew how wonderful it felt,” he groaned, “they
would all
be committing incest.”

“Definitely,” she grunted emphatically as she raised her legs
wrapped them around his waist, “incest would become the preferred way
to show affection between a mother and her son.” 

“God, Yes,” he growled, grinding his long, thick cock down
into her
wet, clutching cunt.

As they fucked, the train jerked and began to move again. They hardly
noticed as the train slowly clattered out of the station. Their
thoughts and attention were focused on each other as they kissed and
fucked. Oblivious to everything but each other, they made love the
rest of the night until the first rays of the sun reached out and
touched them.

“God, it’s morning already,” Billy groaned as he slowly rolled
off his
mother dragging his half-hard cock out of her battered, desecrated

“Oh, Baby, don’t stop,” she muttered, reaching for him.

“Need sleep,” he muttered wearily, “too tired.”

“Well, Mommy will let her baby rest,” she smiled at him as she
down and lovingly squeezed his shrinking manhood, “we still have
fifteen hours before we get home.”

Within moments he was asleep.

He didn’t know how long he had slept, but it seemed like only moments.
His brain vainly tried to shut out the sensations that were driving
sleep from his head, but he couldn’t ignore the sucking warmth that
was enveloping his cock. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that it was
growing dark already, so he must have slept away the day. Then
looking down, he saw his mother lovingly devouring his growing

“Mmmmmmmmph,” she gurgled, letting his hardening cock slip out
of her
mouth, “Finally, you’re awake. I thought you were going to sleep the
rest of the trip.”

“You wore me out, Mom,” he grinned at her, unable to believe
change in her, “You’re merciless.”

“You gave me back my life,” she smiled at him, holding his
expanding cock upright, “I have someone to love who loves me, again.”

“You sure do,” he groaned as she bent down and sucked him back
her mouth.

He felt refreshed and revived as she hungrily sucked and pulled on his

“Mmmmmmmmmm, your all big again,” she said dotingly, finally
her mouth off him. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet cream.”
He felt his cock lurch with sick excitement at the indecent remark.
How could this be his sweet, loving mother telling him that she wanted
to taste his cum. Just the thought of cumming in his mother’s mouth
nearly caused another unfortunate accident, but he was able to hold it
back momentarily.

“Wouldn’t you like to fill Mommy’s mouth with your hot, gooey
she said softly, looking at him suggestively.

“God, Mother, you’re going to make me cum right now,” he
straining to hold back the pressure that was building inside his

“Really,” she smiled, easing her tiny, pink tongue out and
flicking it
across the great, swollen head of his throbbing cock.

“You would really like for Mommy to suck you dry,” she
grinned, slowly
lowering her soft, full lips down around his bulging cockhead as she
stared into his eyes.

He knew that he was only seconds away from ejaculation. His mother
must have sensed it, too. Suddenly, she dipped her head down and
roughly sucked almost half of his foot long cock into her mouth.

“AWFUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” He bellowed out as his cock bucked and
out a gigantic geyser of thick, viscous semen into her mouth.
He could feel her hot, sucking mouth pull at his cock, drawing all of
his egg-rich cum into her mouth. He could see the muscles in her
throat work up and down as she swallowed his hot, heavy load of
man-cum. Then his cock exploded again, and again, and again, filling
her mouth with thick, sticky cum each time. She seemed enraptured
with his creamy gift, demanding more and more as her hands squeezed
and pressed his cock and balls, urging him to give her more.
After ten or twelve devastating eruptions, his cock finally stop
erupting inside her hot, pulling mouth. He waited for her to pull
back, but instead, she held his slowly recoiling cock inside her mouth
for several moments. Then, when he thought she was going to release
him, he was stunned when she forced her head down and took his whole
cock into her mouth and throat. His own mother was deep-throating
him. As she swallowed, he could feel the muscles in her throat clench
his cock and cause it to lurch and spew out one final gob of cum into
her throat.

“Oh, Fucking, God, Mother,” he gasped as she at last began to
lift her
head, letting his torpid cock slowly slip out of her mouth.

“Did you like that?” she asked him, a wicked smile playing at

“I have never had anything feel so good ever before,” he
realizing that he was dead from the waist down, “but I think I’m
paralyzed now.”

“Oh, you silly boy,” she chided him.

“You know that you could have me anytime you wanted me,” she
softly, bending down and kissing his fallen warrior, “if I moved in
with you.”

“WHAT!” he sputtered, shocked by her sudden, unexpected

“No one at the college knows who I am or what your mother
looks like,”
she said.

“You don’t really mean,” he started as his mind tried to
fathom the
consequences of what she was suggesting.

“I mean that we could live together like husband and wife,”
grinned and then ran her tongue the length of his slowly hardening

Could they? It was just too much for his weary mind to conceive.

“Think about it,” she laughed, getting up, “while I get us
some food.”

He watched her dress quickly and before he knew it she was gone.
Could they actually do what she suggested? She was young looking for
her age, but she was still almost twice his age. What would everyone
think? How could he explain that he no longer had a mother? Would
their infatuation with each other last? What if it didn’t? At least
they wouldn’t have to get a divorce he mused. He did love her with
all his heart and soul. Not to mention the deep and growing physical
need, she had created. Now he could love her with his body too. It
was just too good to be true. It would be worth the risk. Now that
she had offered it, he had to posses the beautiful, wonderful woman
his mother had suddenly become. He had to posses her every way
imaginable; to please her; to love her; to possess her completely. 
It seemed like she had only been gone for moments when he heard a rap
on the door.

Wrapping the bedspread around his waist, he stumbled over to the door
and opened it slightly.

“Let me in, you silly boy,” his mother smiled at him as she
stood in
the hall holding several cartons.

Opening the door, he let her inside. Closing the door, he watched his
mother saunter over to the bed and drop the cartons onto the bed. 

“Well, have you made up your mind?” she asked him,
unbuttoning her
dress and letting it fall to the floor.

He felt the now familiar tug at his heart and throb in his cock as she
stood before him naked once again. God, what a beautiful woman, he
thought, and she was all his.

“God, I have never seen such a beautiful woman,” he blubbered

“Do you really mean that?” she blushed.

“I mean every bit of it and I have made up my mind.” he said,
the bedspread and walking toward her.

He took her in his arms and squeezed her so hard, he could hear her
wheeze. Then he mashed his lips down on hers, kissing her long and

At last, he tore his lips from hers.

“Does that answer your question?” he groaned, “I want you to
be my
wife and lover and mother, forever and ever.”

“And I accept you as my husband and lover and son, forever and
too,” she smiled as they collapsed into each other’s arms and fell
onto the bed.

Their vows were quickly consummated as they made wild and passionate
love the rest of the night. 

Is this the end?
ये कहानी आपको कैसी लगी रेट करे; आपकी रेटिंग महत्वपूर्ण है.

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