College Sex Stories : कॉलेज गर्ल की चूत चुदाई – Sex Stories

College Sex Stories – इंडियन कॉलेज गर्ल की चूत चुदाई Sex Stories

I woke up in the morning. I was not sure where I was and then realised that I was not in our bedroom. I looked at my self. I was naked! I never sleep without any clothes. I was in the guest bedroom and next to me was a naked man.

It all came back to me. Kumar. I could smell sex. Very strong odour. The combined smell of cum and vaginal secretions. I felt my thighs were sticking to each other. When I looked down, I could see dried white gluey stuff tracking down from my vagina down the legs. I smiled. It all came back to me, gradually. Kumar was fast asleep. He looked so peaceful and almost angelic. But he was more of a devil the way he behaved last night. I have never been with any man other than Guru in my life.

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Even though my experience was painful, it was very exciting and enjoyable. Do all men behave normally like Kumar? Or was it Guru who was different? I looked at the alarm clock. Shit! I have overslept. I have to be at work in 30 minutes. When I tried to get up from the bed, I realised how painful my groin was. I never had so much pounding in my life before. My hips hurt a lot to move around. I struggled to climb upstairs to our bed room and quickly got ready. I scrubbed my body thoroughly in the shower to make sure there was no give away smell on me.

Applied more perfume than I usually do. When I peeped into the guest room, Kumar was still asleep. I left a note for him and also left the spare keys for the house. Had a busy day at work and didn’t get the time to think much about the previous night. I did try and ring home but no one answered. Kumar must have gone back to wherever he was staying. When I drove back home I was shocked to see our front yard. We have quite a large one and it has not been kept tidy for quite some time as our gardener has not been around.

In the morning when I left home, I didn’t fail to notice that the grass was up to knee height and full of weeds and the garden was over grown like a forest. I couldn’t believe the transformation. It looked as if some genie has blinked and made the yard perfect! The lawn was mowed immaculately and the shrubs were neatly pruned. There was more surprise when I opened the door. The house looked very clean and there was a very pleasant aroma of food coming from the dining room! I couldn’t help following the smell and on the dinner table was a spread of dishes. Even in my wildest dreams, I never would have ever prepared any thing half as good as this. Kumar was in the kitchen, washing up, in the sink.

I went and put my arms around him and kissed him on the back of his shoulders. “Thank you very much sweet heart. What a surprise it is”. He was bare chested. I ran my hands over his well formed pectorals. Mmm. They were fabulous. For some one of his age it was unbelievable. I took hold of his nipples. Held them between my thumb and index fingers and gently caressed them.

He must have liked it. He let me do it for a moment or two before he turned around. He put his arms around and held me tight. I placed my head against his chest. It felt so comfortable. I looked up and he bent down and kissed me. We passionately kissed each other. When we stopped for a breath, he gently pulled my face towards his nipples. “Why don’t you suck it for me” he said. I have never done that before, but the thought of trying it exited me. I took one nipple in my mouth and first licked it and then started to suck on it. I could feel it getting stiffer under my tongue and slightly grew in size. I know for a fact that men enjoy their nipples being sucked as they also have sensitive nerves in them. But as a rule they don’t like to own it up. Kumar moaned with pleasure when I went from one nipple to the other. He held me with one arm and with the other he took hold of one of my boobs and started to squeeze it.

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From all the heavy handling from the previous night, even the not so rough squeezing hurt me. I tried to gently push his hand away but he was persistent. I let him fondle without make in an issue if it. He was quite excited by the sucking; he said “Hey let us have a quick fuck”. I was not expecting it. Further more I was famished. “Oh please sweet heart, Do you mind if we eat first, I am starving and would love to enjoy the dinner your have prepared.” He was not happy at first but hesitantly agreed. The food was great. I told him so. “This has to be one of the best dinners I have ever tasted.” He was very pleased with the compliments. I continued,” Oh I only wish you were my husband. How nice to come home from work and have some one who could cook a meal as well as do all the house hold chores.” I wish I didn’t say that. What followed took me by surprise. “I was thinking in the same line” he said, “while Guru is away I could stay here and practically be your husband for the duration.”

I was too shocked to say any thing. “I don’t know…” I was not sure what to say. “Don’t you like what I have done for you?” he was a bit annoyed I was not overenthusiastic to his suggestion. “Of course I do love what you have done. It is more than Guru has ever done his whole life… but I was not sure how I could explain it to him, you staying for 2 weeks?” “Is there any need for him to know?” he asked. That is true. But I was quite apprehensive about it. What if some one happens to notice Kumar’s presence at the home and mention it to Guru? He got up from the table. “Let us not worry about it now. Let us go and fuck and celebrate out newly married status” The way he put it across made a strange feeling go through my body. A mixture of excitement at the same time quite a bit of trepidation. He came around and stood behind me.

His hands grabbed my boobs. Men and their pathological attraction for breasts – it must be some thing to do with their longings to their mothers! I looked up and smiled at him. It is going to be the most interesting 2 weeks of my life. I thought he was going to take me to the guest room where he slept last night but he started climbing the stairs leading to the master bed room. “Now that I am your husband, I will be sleeping in the main bed room.” Sharing our bed with Kumar made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t have much choice. When I entered the bed room I realized that Kumar has already moved his meagre things in! I quickly went and brushed my teeth. I knew what was going to happen. After the painful experience the previous night, I wanted to take the precautions. I had some lubricant in the bathroom; I quickly applied a finger full of the soothing ointment inside my vagina.

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I felt like a newly married woman on her honeymoon night! When I came back to the bedroom, he was lying in bed stark naked. It was a shock to see some one other than Guru lying in our bed, further more with no clothes on. I don’t think I have ever seen Guru naked. I couldn’t help noticing how well built he was, tall and lean. And his prick – standing up like a pole. Wow. There is no comparison with Guru whose cock at the best would not be half as long or thick as Kumar’s was.

I was quite excited by now. I started to take my clothes off one piece at a time. Usually I turn away from Guru when I undress, but today I was in a mischievous mood and decided to give him the full view of my stripping. “Hurry up. I have been waiting the whole bloody day to fuck you” he almost barked. I was not going let his behaviour upset me. I was learning pretty fast. He was by nature a very rude and crude man. So be it. I can handle it. I just smiled. “Hey if you waited that long you could wait for a few more minutes”. I could barely hear him mumble ‘Bitch”. I was in my bra and panties. “Stop it” he said, “come closer.” I walked toward him. “Sit next to me.” I was not sure what he was after. I hesitantly sat by the side of the bed. He took one of my hands and put it on his cock. I looked at his face and gently moved it up and down.

I could feel it growing in size with each move. I could see that it was obviously pleasing him. It was fascinating. It may be hard for any one to believe that I have never done this to Guru before. The cock was very warm and was pulsating. It was a nice feeling. I can understand why men like masturbating. He leaned forward and grabbed my boobs on top of my bra. He gently squeezed them. “I love your boobs very much”. “I know” I smiled. “Let me tit fuck you”. I have never heard that expression before. I looked at him quizzically. “You have never done that before have you?” he asked. “There are lots of things I haven’t done” I replied. He got up form the bed. “I will teach you every thing I know and more.” He laughed, made me lie on the bed and climbed over me.

He was in a hurry; he quickly unhooked my bra, removed it in one move and threw it on the floor exposing my naked boobs. He moved until his cock was against my chest. I realised what he was about to do. He put his cock in the valley between my enormous boobs, held them together to make a passage for his cock and started to move it up and down. It was intriguing to watch the cock moving; I have to confess that it was quite exciting and gave me a pleasant tingly feeling. I didn’t fail to notice that each move it was getting closer to my face.

I could smell the precum each time when the tip of his cock got closer to me. This was some thing I was dreading. One of the things ‘I have never done’. Guru has tried to coax me to suck his cock many times specially during the early day of our married life. I had this phobia about it and thus never agreed to do it. Possibly because of having to examine many dirty and smelly penises of patients, during my college days. I felt his cock tip against my lips. “Open your mouth and give it a good suck” he said. There was no ‘please’ or ‘do you mind’. It was more of an order than a request.

For a moment I thought of refusing. Suddenly, to my surprise, my head wanted to oblige. I was caught up in the excitement of this new found adventure. I opened my mouth not knowing what was in store for me. He pushed his cock inside my mouth. I realized that if I do not control it, I am going to choke or gag on it. Reflexly I took hold of the bottom of the shaft with my hand. Holding it quite firmly, I allowed his cock to enter my mouth up to the top of my hand. It was not bad as the tip did not go beyond the back of my tongue. It was like having half a banana in your mouth.

इंडियन कॉलेज गर्ल की चूत चुदाई

I gently sucked it. I could taste the precum which was salty and sticky. Not bad. He started to move his cock in and out of my mouth. It felt nice – warm and pulsating and I could fell it growing is size by the minute. I was so glad that I was holding on to the base, as I would not have handled the whole length of it if it was shoved inside my mouth. He started to moan; I could feel more precum seeping out. His cock moved like a piston in and out of my mouth, increasing in speed. I was dreading the next stage – his cum spurting into my mouth. But again, to my surprise, I was quite cool about it and in fact was anticipating the new experience. With a loud cry he came. I felt loads and loads of cum gushing into my mouth. The taste was not unpalatable; the only thing I found hard to take was the amount. I decided to swallow it as quickly as it flowed. I knew from my readings that the cum was harmless to ingest.

I managed to swallow every bit of it. In the past, I have imagined how horrible the experience would be; but it was a pleasant surprise that it was no t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I decided that I would not mind doing it again. Kumar was ecstatic. He knew that I have not done this before and must have felt as a conquest. I didn’t mind that. I was beginning to have an attachment to him which was hard to explain. I was definitely not in love, but it was purely a physical thing and I had this urge to please him, what ever it takes. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling that way.

He stayed inside my mouth for quite some time until he started to loose the errection. He slid down the bed and hugged me. I was quite excited by then and expected that he will continue to make love to me. I wanted very badly for him to grab my boobs and squeeze and suck them and fuck me like mad. But to my surprise, he gave me a quick kiss rolled over and went to sleep. I was very disappointed. In fact was bloody angry. Bastard. He has his thrill and what about me? But I decided that I will take as it comes. Poor chap. He has worked hard all during the day. I should understand.

I spooned him and put my arm around him. My hand gently took hold of his limp cock. It was a different kind of feeling holding to a cock which was not threatening. I went off to sleep still holding his cock. The ‘honeymoon’ night was not that spectacular, but I was sure it is going to be a very exciting period of couple of weeks of ‘marriage’, during which time I am going to get more than enough fucking to last my life time!

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