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Hi, I am posting this story because I can’t forget what I did in the winter of 2005.

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I am Amol. 28 yrs. Pune. I was studying in Pune during 2005. As I was from village place my dad thought I would not suit with city area. His one of the closest friends Sahebrao lived in Pune. Sahebrao’s house was situated near my college which is in katraj. He forced my dad that I would live at his place but I was against this idea.

I didn’t want to disturb anyone. I told my dad that getting a room near college might be easier as there are many students in pune. After much time and failed convincing Sahebrao uncle suggested few rooms near his house.

Room was quite attractive, but the rent was huge and I had to share with other roommates. My dad & me stayed with uncle for that night and left in the morning. Uncle was married for last 3 years. Aunty was average looking as well. She gave birth to a lovely girl 4 months back. Uncle’s family were four, uncle, aunty, baby & uncle’s mother. Uncle told me to visit them on weekend.

I went to their place on Saturday evening. As I told you I come from a village place I never ever thought of sex or such things. I had decided to study hard and score good marks. I ranged the bell, Aunty opened the door and welcomed me with smile.

Aunty: Hey Amol…. Hw r u doing in college? Hw r ur classmates?

She looked very enthuastic. What I could make is that she cared for me.

Me: Aunty college is good and I found few friends as well.

She asked me about room, warm water, friendliness of the owner, teachers etc.

Grandmother was reading some god’s stuff. I felt very good that i know someone in Pune who cares for me. I was really very happy.
Aunty: Oohh I forgot to ask you for water.

She went to get water. She gave me tea and buiscuits as well. I asked her about uncle and she told me that he’s in office and will return by 6 in the evening. I had char with grandmother and left early as we friends had planned for movie.

My visits at uncle’s place increased frequently. These people were really very good. I don’t know how my 1st month passed away. It was rainy season. One day my uncle visited my room and I was washing my clothes. He felt very bad a told me to put clothes for washing at his place.

Approximately after 3 months grandmother wanted to go on char dhaam, which is a tour of almost 2 months. Uncle felt bad that aunty will be alone all day long. He asked me for my help. So it was decided that I would stay at their place for next 2 months.

I was mixed with the family and the baby. Baby started staying with me for a longer time. Aunty was very happy as well. We used to watch TV in the evening after my college. Aunty used to cook dinner in afternoon when the baby is asleep. One evening around 4 pm aunty started asking me about my friends.

Aunty: how many friends do u hv in college?
Me: aunty we r 5 friends. 3 r from pune and we 2 r from village.
Aunty: so u might be finding it hard to match with city guys.
Me: its not that difficult aunty. It depends on us how we coup up with the community. And yes city guys r cool as well. They r good.
Aunty: good to hear that. When I saw u first that time I knew that u will manage properly.
I felt good after listening this. Aunty was a good lady. Suddenly baby waked up started crying. Aunty went to bedroom and bought baby to drawing room. She covered her saree properly and started feeding baby. I still didn’t had any bad feelings. Aunty continued her chat.
Aunty: r their any girls in ur class?
Me: yes aunty. 22 girls in a class of 50.
Aunty: many of them might be having girlfriends.

I was shocked. I never thought aunty would ask me such question. With much hesitation I said yes. Then she started taking interest. And from that point we became very good friends. It was uncle aunty’s wedding anniversary after 2 weeks. I asked aunty about their marriage. She told me that it was a arrange marriage. She liked uncle very much etc etc.

Then she became bit silent. I asked her what happened but she didn’t say anything. Then after much hesitation she told me that everything was going good after marriage. But when I was pregnant I had to suffer a lot. My mother in law (MIL) wanted a baby boy and we had girl. So my MIL was very upset with us. Uncle is very good as he understands me and science very well. Plus we doesn’t feel much difference in boy/girl.

Days passed and MIL gives her really very hard time. We met few doctors and they told us that everything depends on the genes and chromosomes. So this is how we r passing our days. I also said that ur MIL looks very cool person to me. Aunty told me that she behaves like that infront of everyone.

One night I was sleeping in hall and I had really very bad pains in my stomach. I started calling my uncle and he gave me soda water with lime. I felt bit better but I took off for college next day. I wake up late. Uncle went to his job. I finished my chores and was watching tv suddenly my stomach started paining again. I started crying. Aunty ran to me and was holding my head and stomach. She removed my T-shirt and rubbing my tummy. She called doctor who’s clinic is nearby. Doctor told that it might be because of cramps and suggested me to drink lime water 5 times a day plus protein powder.

Next day morning I went to bathroom for chores and my stomach started paining. Aunty ran to bathroom and hold me tightly, I came to senses that I was wearing only underwear. I stood straight and told her to go out. She told me that I shouldn’t be shy of her. This pain was of 20 seconds only. Again doctor told us to take the same medicines. I was perfectly okey after 2 days. But I really appreciated my aunty’s help during this period.

As it was uncle anniversary aunty asked me what should they plan. I suggested her to go to some hill station. She said that uncle doesn’t have leaves and baby is still very young to travel, etc. Then with much hesitation I said her that why don’t u both enjoy at home all day that day.

Aunty: what will we do at home all day?

Me: Common aunty, uncle is busy all the time. U should make him feel special that day.
She started looking at me bluntly. Then I told her that she should wear nice saree and do good makeup so that uncle won’t go to office that day. So that he would feel like making extra love to u. I don’t know how and why I said that. But she didn’t mind it at all.
Aunty: Then u will help me in these.

Me: ok aunty.
Without uncle’s knowing I bought flowers and decoration things from market. We had decided to decorate house when uncle leaves to office and will came him back urgently after 2 hours and will decorate house in mean time. She agreed Now she did something really very shocking.

Aunty: Hey plz suggest me which saree I should wear.
We peeped into her cubboard. She had many sarees. She asked me hoe this red saree will look. I asked her she has black saree.
Aunty: Red saree will be good na… black saree won’t be good.
Me: No aunty women looks good and sexy in black saree.
Aunty: how do u know all this?
I was feeling shy. I told her that this is the rend nw a days boys like like it.
Aunty: But uncle is not a boy. He’s grownup and almost 32 yaers old.
Me: He’s not that old. I don’t know I should talk to you about this or not. I am feeling shy.
Aunty: No, Plz amol dnt think this way. Plz help me. I want to make this anniversary special.
Then with very much boldness I said aunty
Me: Aunty then listen to me, Women looks sexy in black saree.
She had it. I told her to show me the sarre. I mean wear it.
She told me to go outside and wore black saree. She was lloking good in saree.
Aunty: How am I looking?

Me: See, what I told you will look good. But still you need more changes in wearing pattern.
Aunty: What changes?

I moved to her. I really wanted to help her. I told her to wear sarre below navel. So that her belly is open. Now she was looking strange at me. I told her that u will have to do it if u want to impress him, make yourself attractive.

She did as I said. Now she was looking sexy. Then she called me in bedroom and asked me very shyly.

Aunty: I want to ask 1 more thing to you. Plz don’t share this with anyone.
Me: Yes aunty tell me. Anything for you guys.

She removed one box from cubboard. She removed 4-5 bras from box. She told me that she doesn’t know which one she should wear. I suggested her black again. She again told me that she has not worn bra since her pregnancy as she has to feed her baby frequently.

Aunty: can u do 1 more favor for me?
Me: what aunty?
Aunty: I will wear bra as well. Just tell me if it will fit me properly.
I was mum. I don’t know what to say. I said ok. She also told me that plz don’t feel bad or make any wrong assumptions.

Whatever she did next was strange. She called me to bedroom again after 5 mins. What the heck, she was only in bra and panty. She was not looking at me at all. My mouth was wide open. First time in my life I saw something like that which is live. She was looking damn sexy. 1st time I came to know about her stats. She was extremely hot man. 27 yrs old, 36-26-38. Round ass. Her boobs were extra large. Her stomach was lean. Wow. Her boobs were trying to peep out of her bra, they were not fitting in her bra. I was just like stumped.

Aunty: How are they?
Me: Superb (with eyes wide open)
Aunty: don’t be too much. Just tell me black is good or I should try red as well.
Me: no , no need. Just that ur boobs are bigger than bra.
Aunty: Ooh, then what should I do? What do u suggest?
Me: Actually, this looks sexy. Men like big boobs.
Aunty: U boys have good knowledge, that’s why I asked u for help.
Me: No problem aunty. I am more than happy to help.

I couldn’t sleep whole night. I was feeling full. I masturbated 3 times that night. Next day morning uncle left and we started decorating house. After décor aunty went for bath and finished her chores. She then asked me if I should change now. She changed into black saree. I was stunned to see her in such a way. Wow she was looking damn sexy. I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

Me: Nice aunty, but pull your saree more down.
Aunty: How much more?
Me: A little bit

She told me help her. I went close to her. She was smelling nicely. I felt like doing something but then again thought of her helping nature and her behavior with me. I quietly tried to pull down her petticoat. She felt bit awkward and said that it will be too much down. But I convinced her that this will be right. Literally her panty was visible now.

She was ready. I told I should leave now. Best of luck. Have a nice time. She thanked me and said me that never disclose this with anyone. She called uncle and said that she was not feeling well and told him to come home right now. I left.

Approximately after 2 hrs i.e at 1:30 pm I got call from her. I was surprised to see her call. I received the call she was not talking from other side. I kept on saying hello hello but no reply. Then I came to know that she is crying. Without saying her anything I left college and reached home in 20 mins. Door was closed. I had key. Aunty was in bedroom. Door was closed. I knocked but she didn’t speck. I kept on knocking, at last she opened door after 30 mins.

She was not in mood to talk. As soon as she saw me she again started crying and ran towards her bed. I followed her. I tried consoling her but she was not replying. So I dared to touch her and hold her shoulders. I sat on bed.

Aunty: He came home and shouted on me. He had important meeting. I even said him that this is ours 3rd anniversary which we will be celebrating together. Theirs nobody else. We will enjoy etc etc

And she kept crying. I was only listening
Aunty: Now you tell me what exactly problem was. Am I not looking beautiful?

Me: No aunty you are looking beautiful and sexy. Uncle might be in important meeting.
Aunty: he ignored me.
Later in part 2

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