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Indian Gay Sex Story : This is a pure work of fiction and does not intend to damage the image of anyone involved in the story line. Kindly take it in the sense it is meant to be taken, pure fantasy. So just enjoy! I had been waiting outside the dressing room of the Indian Cricket Team for quite long. I was getting desperate to meet the man of my dreams. And now I could hear the voice of footsteps nearing me. There they were, the whole contingent of 15 strongly built sexy men in blues.

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Although, almost everyone in the squad is worth the try, I was especially glad to see Sachin Tendulkar- drenched in his own sweet sweat. The whole team started entering the room. Everybody noticed me as I was standing very near to the door, but took me to be as the newly appointed cleaner of the dressing room. And then he entered-Sachin Tendulkar(the undisputed master blaster of the Indian cricket team) standing right next to me as he entered the room. He didn’t notice but I was staring at his sweaty groin region all the way he entered in the room.
The impression that the wet clothes gave me was highly encouraging, the real ‘meat’ must be around 6 inches right now when he was clearly not aroused at all. Everybody else(who despite also being slightly sexy couldn’t compete with the raw sexual power that this guy emitted) were leaving the room and this got me excited as I was alone with my idol in a sweat drenched dressing room. He got inside the shower, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped over his private parts, this gave me an opportunity to notice his well defined and highly shaped chest and biceps along with his ‘slight’ tummy, which made him look sexier.
I had heard the other cleaners telling me that this guy was the real deal to get. There have been rumors around the dressing rooms of all the stadiums in India that this guy didn’t mind a good blowjob from anyone, whether it be a female or male. I had to give it a try considering his seemingly enormous cock and well shaped body. So I quickly got down to my boxers and lay down on one of the bench acting as if I was very tired. Slowly the door opened and sachin stepped outside the shower. He was ever the more sexy with water drizzling through his highly shaped pecs.

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He, I don’t think he did notice me, took of his towel from around his waist and started drying his hairs off the water. For the first time in the day, I caught an actual glimpse of his manhood, an exquisite piece of flesh. It seemed as if it was begging to be sucked and cummed. His balls were big for his size and seemed full of cum to be exploded. Suddenly he noticed me, and wrapped the towel around himself, it was as if the world came to an end, the visual ecstasy had been cut short. He proceeded towards me and asked me what was wrong with me and why was I groaning on the bench. He hadn’t noticed me staring at him either, I guess.
Suddenly, the spark of sexual desire flashed through me and I got the courage to say that I was pretty much sex deprived for four days and my balls had been aching to cum. He told me to go somewhere else and ‘try’ my luck instead of lying over here. I told him that I was bisexual and there weren’t many places I could go to and had come over here to savour your semi-naked bodies with my eyes. This sparked something in his mind as he stared at me with the eyes of pure sexual lust as he proceeded towards me.
His eyes were so penetrative, it got me excited to a stage that I felt as if I would cum right there.
He came very close to me and sat next to me and out of nowhere started telling me about his days of youth. When he used to fuck at least 4 girls a day, each for an hour at least. All his tales of sexual adventure got me more and more excited. He had noticed the bulge in my boxers, and he stared deep into my eye before telling me that he had been noticing the bulge in my boxers.
He then continued our conversation as everything was normal for him. Then he started telling me about his experiment with gay sex. He told me about the numerous times male fans had come to him asking for
An autograph and got much more than what they asked for.He told me that his cumming lasted atleast a minute and that he also loved to plough his rod in anyone’s ass. His frank nature sounded eerie to me as I started noticing a larger than life bulge in his towel as if it will shred the towel into pieces. I took the first step as I put my hands on his thighs and told me how badly I wanted him in my mouth and everywhere else possible. I started moving my hands upwards and after sometime I got hold of his love-rod.

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It was pulsating like anything, despite my hands being very big his cock seemed like double my fist could hold. I started massaging his dick in my hand before I removed his towel to see it in clear view.He was indeed of Large size. I kept on massaging his dick before I got the courage to take it in my mouth. All the while he maintained a lust-ridden eye contact with me. I put my lips on his cockhead before kissing it gently. This got him excited as I could feel his dick pulsating more, he let out a small sigh that approved of my effect. I got his dick in my mouth,
Trying to take it completely in my mouth before bobbing my head up and down on it. He, completely possessed by lust, got hold of my head and started forcing it over his cockhead, burying more of it in my mouth with every push. I felt like chocking, his shaft was indeed too big for my mouth though I had mouthed cocks as long as 8 inches; so I concluded that he must be around 9-10 inches in his length.
I continued my efforts of getting more and more of him in my mouth. I could hear his loud moaning and could even feel him sweating heavily. I lifted my head for a minute to enjoy sucking his nipples and enjoying his little tummy. I massaged my hand over his chest and enjoy his well-maintained body focusing on his broad shoulders. I was licking his shaft like a wild dog, and he was enjoying the service like anything as he was moaning so heavily that the noise could be heard from at least 10 metres away.
The he said, “Chuus mera lund saale, main batata hun mera naam master blaster kyun rakha tha.
Jaldi jaldi kar main jhaag nikalne wala hu”. On hearing this I put his cock out of my mouth and told him, “chal saale dikha apna shot. Jhaag maar apna mere puri body par”. He got excited beyond control and sprayed his cum all over me and the dressing room. He then came close to me and started kissing me on my lips and neck. This kissing session got me way excited and I forced his mouth on my bulge.

Gay Male Sex Stories

Though initially he resisted but when I showed my masterpiece of cock around 7.5 inches long but very very thick, he also got excited and started sucking the cum out of my balls. I could not control the excitement, and held his face to make him suck more of me. Then, in the heat of the moment I started face-fucking him like mad, holding his face in a still position while bucking my hips at a tremendous speed. He started touching my nipples and this got me really excited,
Without any warning I cummed in his mouth. He was surprised but gladly ate all the cum. He lied down on the floor of the dressing room, drenched in ecstasy. Completely exhausted, he started panting as if he had run a hundred miles. Seeking this opportunity I bent down and climbed over his body, his loose cock making contact with my loose cock, while I enjoyed the firmness of his chest and broadness of his shoulders and started licking him all over his chest and neck.
He had minimal chest hair and pubic hair that indicated to the fact that he had shaved a few days earlier. Now, lying stark naked over him I moved my hands downward and squeezed his dick in my hand, it felt like stiffening again. I got up and seductively went to one the benches and lay down on the corner, all the way I had been pointing him to follow, and he followed like a man possessed. I lay there and spread my big heavy legs and fingered my asshole suggesting him my further intentions. He hurriedly came and stood right near my ass, bent down and started licking my asshole as well as stroking my cock.
He again gave a head to my cock while putting his fingers in my hole. I couldn’t control the excitement and cummed right away. After cleaning my cock, he rose up coming next to my face and indicated towards his semi erect cock and ordered me to give him a blowjob, “chudwana hai to chusna padega hi. chuus le, itna mazaa dilvaunga ki pachhtaega nahi.” I did exactly what he told me to do, I got his cock firm and pulsating once more. Then he proceeded towards my asshole and started rubbing his spit on my hole. I got way excited seeing The Master Blaster of Indian Cricket Team doing this for me.
After teasing my hole with his cockhead he slightly inserted it in me. To make the penetration smoother he picked up my legs and put them on his shoulder. I felt like electricity ran through my body as his muscular chest made contact with my inner thighs. I couldn’t control and asked him to stop teasing me, “abe saale tadpaega hi ya chodega bhi”. He just needed this bit of approval to ram the whole length of his cock into my tight hole. He stayed like this for a moment letting my interiors adjust to his monster. His cock in me produced such an ecstasy that I groaned way too loud and clutched the bench as hard as I could.

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Seeing his cock hurt me, he got a testosterone rush in his body and he started fucking me at a steady rate of 15 rammings per minute. He continued this speed for a while before speeding upto 60-70 rammings per minute. The intense force of his balls slaping against my ass made me clutch his shoulders very tightly and I moaned loudly, “wah saale tera lund to kuchh zyaada hi sakht hai, tere sharir mein to kuchh zyaada hi jaan hai, itne zor se chod raha hai, marega kya?”
Not caring about the feeling s of my hole he sped up further and it was getting way out of control. Then he shouted, “main jhaag phekne wala hun, sambhal lio, apna inaam samajh lena.” He cummed inside me and I felt too complete with his cum in me. He felt exhausted and fell on my body and rested himself on my body saying, “itne saaro mein se tu best tha yaar, ekdum raapchik.” At this point I realized that his voice actually sounded very heavy and he indeed had a very husky and masculine voice.
I then turned him over on the bench, I had selected this bench specifically because it was wide enough to flip over. Now I was, Over him and I kept on sucking his nipples and travelled all the way down to his manhood, licking it completely clean on the way to reaching his thighs and caressing it as if it was the best possession I could have ever had. I then started to finger his mouth and he responded by sucking my finger deep into his mouth. I then proceeded to put that same finger into his ass and lubricating it a bit. And I told him, “mera inaam tera jhaag nahi, teri gaand hogi.
Ab tu dekh main kaise kaise shot marta hun teri gaand ke andar.” He looked deep into my eyes and kissed me passionately and then told me, “maine aur kisi se apni gaand nahi marwai, par to toh khaas hai. Tujhse marwane mein mazaa ayega. Chal bata kaise letu.” I told him, “mujhe to teri gaand ko pichhe se chodna hai. Kutto ki tarah” He got the indication and bent got on his knees and raised his ass a bit higher. His ass was as muscular as any of his body part. I proceeded towards him licking his virgin asshole with all the might I had. I had my complete tounge buried in his hole.
He was getting hotter and he started stroking his own cock. I then got up and went over where his head was and sat on the bench. I pointed him towards my cock, “Chus le ek aur baar isse pehle main teri gaand maro.”
He placed his lips on my cock before speeding up and getting my cock to the best erection in a long time. I started face-fucking him again, in turn enjoying his muscular back. Must say he worked on his body too much, it was evident by his well-sculpted body. I got hold of his face and then sped up, feeling my cock pulsating and hard enough,
I took out my shaft from his mouth, “thoda chhod de varna teri gaand marunga kaise.” He agreed and put his head down and started fingering his hole, preparing himself for me. I proceeded by getting a tight grip over his over-sculpted ass. I then put my dickhead at the entrance and pushed a bit forward waiting for his virgin ass to respond. He cried out in pain and put his fist down on the bench with a heavy thud. He said, “kamine itna bada lund lekar mujhe chodega kaise, mujhe phadna hai kya.” I said, “nahi be, mujhe vo mazaa tujhe dena hai jo teri 10 inch lambi aur 1.5 inch moti lund dusro ko deti hai.”
Saying this I proceeded with my dick entering him ploughing him in places he had never experienced before. I started with a steady rate, pushing my 7.5 inch long and 2 inch thick cock in his hole.When I had completely penetrated his ass, my balls touching his naked body, I waited for some time for him to get accustomed to my girth. When he was fine with it I started at slow pace and then suddenly increased it, much to the discomfort of sachin tendulkar. The heat inside his was too much for me to handle, I further sped up before taking my cock out and spraying my cum all over his sexy back.
I then massaged my cum all over his back before kissing him on his neck and further down to his spine.

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The desire was finally over, his fucking had given me a sore ass and I got enough reasons why he is known as the ‘Master Blaster’. We then lay there for a little more time and decided to meet up the next time he would be playing at the stadium. I was resting my head on his strong and firm chest and was caressing his ‘little’ tummy. I had my boxers on by that time. Suddenly, sehwag entered the room(sachin in a hurry wrapped a towel around his waistline and stood up as if he was just about to come out of there).
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