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Father / Daughter Sex Stories : New Daddy Sex Stories – Daddy, fuck me right here!

Hello Dears,

I’m back with an enriching and satisfying homosexual erotic experience with a damn hot daddy bear in a cinema hall. Let me remind you myself as Jacky, 21 aged, a college dropout from Imphal, a hilly state of India. This story is a product of neither mere fantasy nor an act of artistic caliber. It is a real incident happened to me.

Daughter Sex Stories

Well, I am striking to the point. As a grown up lad in Imphal city, I am supposed to be enjoying lots of sinful happenings and shameful incidents in and around the city. As you know there are thousands of Non Manipuri’s in Manipur especially in the vicinity of the Imphal Market for business and commercial purposes. I was working in a medium sized shop as a salesman. . There were three salesmen and a saleswoman in the shop. Our manager hails from U.P. He got 65 years last February.

I still remembered his birthday party. His wife threw the party. It was a very fabulous gathering bash I had ever joined. He has one beautiful daughter and two hot sons. Since I worked in that shop, I even did not have chance to talk to him about his family nor mine. Our shop is very popular and hundreds of customers used to be trapped by our branded companies products. As I was borne to be gay itself, I am being attracted to him day by day.
What bothers me most is his fuckingly hot and gorgeous body. He has a well-toned physique with his awesome hairy chest and abdomen. He is privileged with his great bushy bums. I was jealous of his wife. I was a gay only in my heart and soul.

I was a straight acting guy although I did have fantasy of treating myself as a teenage girl in my bedroom. The other two salesmen were very interested in teasing girls and they were most of the time talking about boobs and cunts that I disliked most. But I never disclosed my true image of my heart as I was fear of the dare consequences after my out in this very conservative Manipuri society.

Father Sex Stories

One day, very unprecedentedly our manager came to me and started to talk about the present scenario of much hyped Manipuri features film. I was very excited and showed my depth interest in the matter as I had a soft space for Manipuri films in my heart. I told him many tales of popular public celebrities and their inner hidden stories of colorful masala.

He became interested and asked me whether I had planned for any program in the coming Sunday for going to a cinema hall. I was really nervous at that instant. I cannot remember how many seconds did I take to node my neck after his question. He was seemed to be looking forward for the day which I have been longing for. That Sunday was just like a year to wait for me. I could not keep waiting for the day. I was more attached to him since that day. I did wonder if he was a perfect straight guy or bisexual or just curious!
It is a true saying that “Good things come those who wait” .My day has come. It was a dream comes true for me. I was heading to the Pratap Movies Talkies for 11 am show. On the way, a sms came and said “C’mon boy, don’t keep me wait not more than 10 minutes.” I was really nervous how to react in such a situation. It was just like my maiden dating that my pulse pounded.
I was eager to see him. I reached the spot within the stipulated duration. But I could not notice him among the crowd of hundreds who came to see the movie which was a super hit of the season. I took off my cell phone from my jeans pocket and tried to dial his number. At this instant, someone from my behind direction grasped my hand and closed my eyes. I was afraid but cool and comfortable. I requested him to open my eyes. He obliged and released the same softly and showed me two tickets that he already booked. I was very happy and at the same time I was still nervous at his scarcely credible acts in the public place. We rushed to the cinema hall after the previous show had been finished and people left the spot dramatically afterwards.

Daddy Sex Stories

The lights in the hall were on but their intensities were quite low but amusing and simulating to a couple’ first marriage day night. He asked me to go the extreme corner in the left side. I was more curious to think why he chose such private area. Two seats were occupied and we felt settled. The show was about to begin that the dim light bulbs had been off. We scarcely see each other’s face. He did cheap jokes and the atmosphere in the hall was very lively and enduring to watch a romantic based movie. The show began and my heart as well began to melt. The first fifteen minutes were silent between us and I thought he was more interested to the movie than to me. I felt myself guilty for my exaggerated thoughts.
It was only after the interval that his hairy hands approached to my shoulders and then to my laps he patted smoothly. He seemed to be enjoying my sexy laps. At the same time I was exhilarating at my best level. I decided to reciprocate to his acts. I quickly did unzip his shirt’ buttons and left his front nude. I started exploring his hidden assets, his hairy chest poked me intermittently and I was well endowed to him as well. We did not pay attention to the movie.
He made me sure not to moan so that we did not invite others attention. I just lay down and my face roamed towards his manly chest. I did nothing care of being caught that I enjoyed his body like there will be no tomorrow. He produced a little moaning sound and his sounds ignited me more. I took further step that I zeroed in on his bushy and prodigious cock. He showed his permission to proceed further. I groped his bulge and unzipped like a Pro does. It was an extraordinary asset he hid for many decades to me.

Daddy, fuck me!

Today I am exploring him to my extricate level. I took the tool inside my hell mouth up to my extreme limit. He started fucking my mouth wildly. He took in and out in a fraction of a second. Such an ineluctable rhythm aroused him that he released his salty pre-cum. I guessed he was near to cumming inside.
But I was too totally moved that I could not resist the pleasure of such a wonderful mouth fucking experience. After some moments he did blasted his seed inside and I swallowed it all. I even licked his penis shaft to make him feel comfortable and not to mess up him with his white seeds. We departed after the show.
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