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This story is about the first time I was ever with another woman.  I was 16 at the time, and my brother was 19.  We had been talking about trying a threesome with another girl for a while by this point.  I had always been fascinated by the concept of being with another woman, but since my brother was talking about it more and more, it became a fantasy of mine.  I would sometimes sneak into his porn collection just to watch the lesbian scenes.  The women were so beautiful, and the sex was more sensual, something that turned me on more than I would have ever thought.
            People keep asking me if these stories are true, and I always reply the same way: Of course they are.  I do admit to a little editing in the way of moving past some of the more boring parts with no action, but every single thing that happened in all of my stories is 100% true.
            My brother was home to stay during the summer between semesters at college.  I was working at Subway during the summer, and my brother was just hanging out mostly.  With my parent’s work schedules combined with mine, I only had an hour or two at the most alone with my brother during the week.  On weekends, there was almost no chance of us being together, although we did take the opportunity to see one or two movies together on Friday or Saturday nights.  He had me giving him handjobs in the back row, and I would let him cum in my mouth. Those “date nights” were our chance to be naughty in public places.  We knew our relationship couldn’t last forever, so we tried our best to experiment as much as possible.
            We would have sex in his car in parking lots, I would blow him while he drove me to the mall, and I would let him fuck me in dressing rooms.  It got to the point where we were having contests to see who could come up with the best place to fool around.
            My brother, however, would usually comment on how he wanted to watch me with another girl, or have me and another girl blow him.  Whatever he thought of usually involved another girl.  I used to talk to my friends about guys wanting threesomes, and they would say that whenever the guy they were with brought it up, they would get annoyed because they thought their guy thought they weren’t good enough.  I never bought into that.  I knew guys just liked the idea of two girls, and it probably had nothing to do with boredom or anything like that.  I would often ask my brother who he thought of when he thought of me and another girl.  He would sometimes name a celebrity, occasionally one of his friends from college.  When he was bold, he would mention one of my friends.  But those were the real fantasies.  I couldn’t imagine trying to talk one of my friends into a threesome with me and my brother, although, some of my friends were playing bigger roles in my personal fantasies.
            By late summer, we were both so hung up on the idea of a threesome with another girl that we were constantly on the lookout for another girl we could get into bed.  All of my friends were off the table, and all the girls he knew had the chance of finding out who I was, which meant that we would practically have to find a stranger.  I was too young to get into any clubs or anything, so our options were becoming quite limited.
            In the middle of August, just two weeks before my brother was set to go back to school, he came and visited me at work.  It was the first time all summer that he stopped by.  I had told him not to because I didn’t want him seeing me dressed in my stupid little uniform making sandwiches for people.  Since no one there knew who he was, I stepped out from behind the counter to give him a kiss.  I sat with him during my break while he ate his lunch, and we considered going to the bathroom for a quickie.
            While we were sitting there, one of my coworkers, April, sat down next to me.  She asked me who the hunk was, and I told her he was my boyfriend.  She must have seen me kiss him, so I played it safe.
            We sat there chatting for about ten minutes.  It was obvious that April was into my brother.  She barely took her eyes off of him the entire time.  This was during one of those years when guys wearing wife-beaters was the biggest trend in guy’s fashion.  His toned arms had her entranced.  I know, because I was entranced as well.
            When my break was over, I got up to go back to work, making sure to give my brother a little nod of approval.  I knew from his eyeing April that he was into her.  We must have been thinking the same thing: This might be our third for the threesome.  He kept chatting her up, flirting with her until her break was up.
            When he left, April pulled me aside in the back.
            “Your boyfriend is fucking hot.  You are one lucky girl.”
            “Thanks,” I smiled.  “I think he likes you, too.”
            April blushed.  I knew she would be up for fucking him, but I wanted her too.
            She spent the rest of our shift asking me questions about what he was like in bed, how big his cock was, stuff like that.  He had played a number on her, and I was a bit jealous of her.  Not because she was so into him, but because I never got to feel that sensation with him.  When we got together, it was so unexpected that I never got to experience the lust that comes with the anticipation.
            When I got off work, I told my brother about how smitten April was, and he just laughed. He handed me a napkin, on it was April’s name and number, along with a little message about how if he wanted to try something different to give her a call.  Normally, I would have been super pissed, but it turned me on.  To bear witness to how much April wanted my brother that she would go behind my back was so hot.  I told him to give her a call sometime.  He asked if he could fuck her, and I told him only if I were there.
            He reached for the phone and dialed her number.  When he hung up, he told me she asked him to come over.  I asked if he said anything about me, and he told me I would be a surprise.
            We drove over to her apartment, and my brother knocked on her door, me standing behind him.  She answered the door wearing her booty short underwear and a t-shirt cut off just above her naval.  She was smoking hot.  When she realized that I was there, she started to stammer.
            “What are you doing here?” She asked.
            “You want to fuck my man, right?  Well, if you are, I am sure as hell going to be here when you do.”  My brother and I had thought of this line on the way over.  He thought it was funny as hell.   It had thrown her off, and it took her a good ten seconds to process it.
            “Can we come in,” my brother asked.
            “I guess,” she said, moving to the side, allowing us to come in.  She closed the door behind her.  “I’m confused,” she admitted.
            “Listen,” said my brother, “We have been talking about doing some experimenting with another girl, and we thought maybe you could be the one.  If that’s not something you’re into, that’s cool.  We’ll just leave.  But if you are down, even better.”
            “I don’t know.  I never thought about a threesome.”
            I moved over to her, and grabbed her by the hand.  I whispered into her ear, “Listen, it’s cool.  We just thought maybe we can have some fun.  I’ve never done this either.”
            She looked me in the eye.  I could tell she was thinking things over.
            I saw something in her eyes as I stared into them.  Her gorgeous, deep-brown eyes. There was a hint of acceptance.  Before I could think, I reacted to whatever it was I saw and moved in to kiss her.  I gave the slightest pause to give her the chance to pull away, and when she didn’t, I kissed her softly on the lips.  It was the first time I had ever kissed a woman, and it was amazing.  She was soft, delicate, and warm.  Her lips relaxed and parted, allowing me to slip my tongue inside her mouth.  I could feel her tongue move to meet mine as her hand started to squeeze mine.  I moved my other hand to her waist and began to pull her toward me. I let her pull me close, and we started to kiss harder. I doubt that it was my kissing that got her so excited. If I had to bet on it, I would wager that she was getting as turned on as I was by the thought of doing something new, and knowing that we were being watched.
            I opened my eyes and glanced at my brother, never breaking the kiss. He was pulling off his shirt. I could see the bulge in his pants growing as he watched us.  I decided that I better make a good show of things.  I reached my hand up and cupped April’s breast.  She had a bra on, but it was a simple lace bra that didn’t provide any padding. I could feel her nipple starting to harden.  I moved my fingers around it and started to lightly pinch it, just as my brother did to me when we played.
            Emboldened by my actions, April reached down to her waist and pulled her shirt up and off.  Her bra was basic white, and her nipples were very obviously poking through. Her stomach was soft and flat. When I think about her now, all I can think about is how beautiful I thought her stomach was. She had a piercing dangling from her belly button. I stared at her and ran my hands across her stomach.  I remember getting goose bumps from it. It was the exact moment I knew I wanted to be with another woman. Not just to please some fantasy, or to give my brother a show. No, I wanted her because I was lusting for her.
            Before I got lost in wanting her, I decided I should probably keep up with her. I pulled my own shirt over my head. I had on my basic bra, nothing fancy. My brother moved in behind me and unsnapped it with one hand. It loosened, and I shrugged, allowing my bra to fall right off. April moved toward me, allowing her hands to find my tits. She cupped them and brushed her thumbs over my erect nipples.  While she was doing this, my brother moved behind April and did the same move. Before she could react, I moved to take off her bra.
            Her tits were gorgeous. Her areolas were much bigger than mine, and they were pale. Her nipples were a bit larger than mine, almost puffy. I bent over and took one in my mouth. I moved my tongue slowly over her nipple, tasting her. She tasted like sweat, and I felt her pushing into me as I sucked her tit.
            My brother was moving behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, feeling her stomach for himself. He slowly moved his hands down, over her pants, until his fingers reached her crotch. By now, April was in heaven. She threw her head back, moaning softly. My brother had done this move to me before, and I knew April was feeling his cock pressed against her. I was very jealous. But I was also very, very aroused.
            I switched over to her other tit, making sure to caress the one I just left as I did. Her whole body started to shudder. I glanced down, and saw that my brother was vigorously rubbing her pussy through her pants.
            I didn’t want him to get inside her pants before me, so I pulled off of her tits and pulled her away from my brother.
            “You want to help me with him?” I whispered into her ear.
            She nodded.
            I spun her around and pushed her to her knees. I knelt down next to her and motioned for my brother to come closer. He stood before us, his bulge inches from us.
            “Go ahead, April,” I whispered, “Pull it out for us.”
            Almost like she was possessed, she slowly reached forward. She started by rubbing his bulge. I could see it twitch at her touch. Her hand jumped slightly.
            Now, I knew for a fact that April was no virgin, and had her share of men.  But the fact that two people just entered her apartment ready to fuck must have reset some switch in her brain. When she unzipped my brother’s fly and reached in to pull out his throbbing cock, the look on her face was almost like she had never seen a cock before.
            “Oh…” she whispered.
            “What’s the matter?” I whispered back into her ear.
            “It’s just so big.”
            I smiled up at my brother, and he smiled back at me. He gently grabbed April by the head and held her in place. He did the same to me.
            “Which one of you wants to go first?” he asked.
            It was a stupid question. I know he wanted her mouth on him first, and he knew that I wanted to watch another girl suck on him. I reached out and pushed on April’s back, forcing her to take his thick, long cock in her mouth.
            It was a beautiful sight. I remember thinking that a big hang-up for me would be watching another girl with my brother. I thought that maybe I would get jealous or something. But as I watched April take every single inch of my brother, I felt my pussy flood. I just wanted to watch so bad. I wanted to know that my brother was using his cock to make her happy as I watched them.
            As April began to suck him, I pulled away from my brother’s grip and moved away from the action. I wanted to take it all in. April was clearly a pro at giving head. She took all eight inches of him without even choking. It was a beautiful sight to behold, and it made me want my brother more than I had ever wanted him.
            My brother looked down at me just staring at April sucking him, and said to me, “You know, you can take your pants off.” I immediately complied, and unbuttoned my jeans, sliding them down my legs and tossing them to the side. I noticed that April was now watching me out of the corner of her eye as I removed my panties. I lifted my ass off the floor slightly and pulled them over my butt, landing back on the floor so that I could rock back and give them both a view of my shaved pussy as I took them all the way off.
            April hesitated for a split second and stared at my bald pussy. My brother grabbed her head and made her face him, his cock still stuck down her throat. “You want to taste her?” She nodded. “Then get down there and eat her out like a good little girl.”
            April had no problem listening to my brother’s demands. She immediately released his dick and turned to kneel between my legs. I spread them wide for her, allowing her full access to my hole.
            I couldn’t tell if April had actually been with a girl before, as I had never been with one either. But I could tell you that April was amazing at eating pussy. She started very slowly, tracing my lips with her tongue. I could feel her warm breath on me, and it made me shiver. Blood was pumping to my clit, making me hotter and wetter than I had ever been before. Then she parted my lips with her tongue, tasting my wetness as she slid her tongue from top to bottom, soaking up my juices as she went. When she found my hole, she stopped and slid it deep inside of me, penetrating me with her long, wet tongue. I grabbed her head in a moment of ecstasy and forced her to go deeper. When I released her head, she pulled out and found my swollen clit with her tongue, and I just exploded. For the first time in my life, I actually squirted, and I squirted hard.
            April moved back about six inches, leaving her mouth open. I think it was more from shock than wanting to taste my juices exploding out of me. I shot a long stream of pussy juice right into her face and mouth. When I finished, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.  My brother just stood in awe, standing over us both, his huge cock in his hand.
            I immediately moved to close my legs, slightly embarrassed. April put her hands on my knees, “Let’s try that again,” she said. I let her part my legs again, and she dove right back into my dripping wet pussy.
            My brother watched for another minute or so before he realized that he had a girl eating out his sister right in front of him. He sort of snapped back to reality and kneeled down beside my head, forcing his cock into my mouth. I glanced down and watched as April stared at me with the beautiful eyes, eating my pussy while she watched me blow my brother.
            I looked up at my brother, and he had that look in his eyes as he stared at April’s tongue lapping my clit. He was about to cum. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled away from April. She seemed to grasp that he was about to blow his load, and I held his cock in her direction. She moved swiftly over me, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue as I stroked his fat cock until he came, exploding his hot sticky load into her mouth and on her tongue. I grabbed tight around his cock as it pulsed, shooting cum at April. After three or four pumps, April’s mouth was overloaded, and the cum started to drip onto my chest, between my tits.
            “Swallow that, and then clean up the rest,” my brother commanded April. She immediately complied, Looking my brother right in the eye as she gulped down all the cum in her mouth. Then she lowered her head, her wet tongue greedily licking up every drop that was on me.
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